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There are many benefits to exercising post-pregnancy, although it can feel like it's the last thing you want to be doing with sleep deprivation and acute tiredness added to the equation!


We are Pre and Post-Natal specialist Personal Trainers and Pilates Instructors - the classes and fitness services we offer are centred around your rehabilitation and fitness improvement.

Improved posture


Core stabilization


Increased local muscle endurance


Increased body image and self confidence


Increased stamina


Reduced anxiety and post-natal depression


Increased energy


Increased metabolic rate


Increased weight loss


Reduced risk of a future injury

Benefits of Post-Natal Fitness


Bristol, UK


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Do not exercise within the first two weeks, the rule of thumb is don't pick up anything heavier than your baby.


Wait for six weeks if you experienced a normal delivery with no complications and twelve weeks if you underwent a C-section.

When to Exercise


Personal Training

Post-Natal Fitness Classes


Rehab. Workshop




Thank you Sarah for your fantastic Postnatal classes.


The sessions have helped me get back into shape quicker than I had ever imagined plus I've had fun attending.


The attention you give to our core muscles during the classes has been excellent & with your support I am well on my way to full fitness.


Patricia Howard, Bristol



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You can see a lot more of my short training videos on either my Video Page as well as my You Tube or Vimeo video channels.


You'll find 'How to' exercises and exercises to aid recovery from birth.


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Post-Natal Fitness

Forward thinking female fitness - specialising in Pre-Natal and

Post-Natal fitness and offering a range of classes, workshops and resource for new and expectant mums.

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