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Kickstart your recovery to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels and invest in your future physical self by attending my 6 week Post-Natal Rehabilitation Workshop.  Don't tollerate low level bladder intolerance - incontenance is the symptom not the condition!


During the workshop you will have access to a full biomechanical assessment - checking to see if you have Diastasis Recti Abdominals, Glute Activation, Postural Analysis and Pelvic Control. You will also receive a BMI assessment, blood pressure analysis and nutritional plans to follow and support your demanding new role as a mum - all to help regain that figure and give you the energy you will need.


Part of the workshop also includes an individual exercise prescription to assist with the healing process after labour. It will help to fire those glutes, assist with the repair of your core and also help with any other niggles we may come across during your consultation.


Most importantly though, you will be investing in your future physical self and you wont be one of the 30% of women who NEVER regain their pre-pregnancy fitness levels.


Bristol, UK


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Post-Natal Rehab. Workshop

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I can't recommend Sarah's Post-Rehabilitation Workshop enough!


It kick started my post-natal recovery and closed up my separated abdominal muscles.


I'm thrilled to say that it got me well on the way to losing a total of 21 inches from my waist, hips, upper arms, thighs and chest!!!


Rowan Clark, Bristol




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Your babies are more than welcome at class - I provide bouncy chairs, ring donuts, walkers and play mats to keep them amused if they are awake.


Long Ashton

Village Hall

Wednesday 11:00am

None running currently

You can see a lot more of my short training videos on either my Video Page as well as my You Tube or Vimeo video channels.


You'll find 'How to' exercises and exercises to aid recovery from birth.


See them here:

Forward thinking female fitness - specialising in Pre-Natal and

Post-Natal fitness and offering a range of classes, workshops and resource for new and expectant mums.

Post-Natal Rehab. Workshop

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