Post-Natal Pilates are classes designed for new mums (and their babies!) who want a more slow-controlled approach to ease them back into exercise after birth.


This is a great workout for new mums to get back into shape without having to organise a babysitter and these classes can be joined at any stage.

Post-Natal Pilates Classes


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Post-Natal Pilates Classes

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Bring your baby along to class in their car seat or buggy - I also provide bouncy chairs and play mats. Pilates isn't jumping around and it isn't high impact - it's slow and controlled and it has a lovely calming affect for you and your little one.


The exercises that are used have an abdominal and pelvic floor focus to them which is why it is highly suitable for Post-Natal ladies. It helps to release any tension in your muscles, especially the shoulders which are now over-worked being a new mum.


It focuses your mind and helps you and your baby relax - which is priceless!

Thank you Sarah for your fantastic Post-Natal classes.


The sessions have helped me get back into shape quicker than I had ever imagined plus I've had fun attending.


The attention you give to our core muscles during the classes has been excellent & with your support I am well on my way to full fitness.


Patricia Howard


19th June - 7th Aug

4th Sep - 23rd Oct

6th Nov - 8th Jan

15th Jan - 5th March


7th June - 26th July

6th Sep - 25th Oct

8th Nov - 3rd Jan

10th Jan - 28th Feb







10:30 -11:25

Long Ashton

Village Hall


You can see a lot more of my short training videos on either my Video Page as well as my You Tube or Vimeo video channels.


You'll find 'How to' exercises and exercises to aid recovery from birth.


See them here:

Forward thinking female fitness - specialising in Pre-Natal and

Post-Natal fitness and offering a range of classes, workshops and resource for new and expectant mums.



Please Note: there will be no classes on the following days: M:25th Dec, 1st Jan, W: 27th December

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