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Forward thinking female fitness - specialising in Pre-Natal and

Post-Natal fitness and offering a range of classes, workshops and resource for new and expectant mums.

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Are you not able to attend my classes face to face? Then don't worry I have packaged up as much content as possible to bring you the PN360 programme, so you can still access the expertise of Fit2Drop from your own home.


You can choose to purchase PN360 with either a Pilates programme or a fitness programme depending on your personal preference and needs. Either way, these two Post Natal programs have been carefully written and produced by Postnatal specialist and wellness expert, Sarah Dineen.


You are purchasing a 10-week programme which will take you on a journey of post-natal nutrition, education, wellness and exercise of your choice.


PN360 provides the resources and confidence builders for you to feel strong, get back to your fitness and prepare yourself to return to work, or new life challenges

What you get - and the programme benefits

Post Natal 360 Fitness

The programme is progressive, and works with your busy mum schedule. No workout is too long, to allow you to fit it into your everyday life.

  • Nutritional information and advice to help you heal and feel energized.  

  • Access to either the Pilates or the Fitness workouts which can be downloaded in accordance with the progress of the programme.    

  • Access to a closed Facebook Group facilitated by me and my team of experts – a place where you can feel supported by other PN360 mums, ask questions, and it is also a place to share experiences of the programme and learn. I will of course give you perky reminders, and post motivational tips and life hacks.

  • You will improve your relationship with food and reach your goals with support completely along the way.

Nobody wants to administer first aid, especially when it comes to babies and children.


However it's a very real part of being in charge of children, as a parent, that we could be faced with such emergencies.


360 CARE will give you the knowledge and the confidence to administer first-aid and you are able to deal with the situation.


What would you do if a child in your care has a serious accident or sudden illness?


What if that accident or illness happened to you?


360 care is a detailed first aid course for care with babies, from planning an emergency through to CPR.

360 Care

Just £59.95

What you get

  • We have designed eight easy to download and work through modules (at your own pace). Both video and written information.

  • A downloadable E-book

  • Easy to follow, step by step how-to guides with images.

Friendly, easy and affordable at £19.95

Sarah Post Natal 360

This programme also incorporates information and guidance from a sleep expert and a midwife giving you a complete 360 approach to your new role as mama. You can even buy a paediatric forst aid course as a bolt on too, to give you confidence dealing with your new bundle of joy.

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