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Workshop 2 - Pilates MasterClass

Do you participate in Pilates or want to know what all of the hype is? Then join me on the 3 week master class for Pilates. We will be covering everything from the main principles of Pilates through to core, rolling, sequencing and flow and equipment based Pilates as well.


This is a 3 week interactive workshop, youll have access to videos at home to continue your practice and also the weekly class to share and discuss as well.


Cost is £35 for the 3 week course.

This summer I will be running two different Pilates workshops - these are scheduled on Tuesday evenings on the dates mentioned below, although if numbers increase I'll be adding additional dates on the Monday evenings around these dates.


Workshop 1 - Back Care

Back due to popular demand. This will be dedicated to back care and the exercises will all be about functioning back care, strengthening exercises and being able to move without pain and hopefully reducing any current pain.  


Numbers will be HUGELY restricted for this course as it will be extremely hands-on practice and assistance throughout the 3 weeks. Cost is £45 for the 3 weeks and includes home videos.

Pilates  Summer Workshops


Bristol, UK


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Thank you Sarah for your fantastic Post-Natal classes.


The sessions have helped me get back into shape quicker than I had ever imagined plus I've had fun attending.


The attention you give to our core muscles during the classes has been excellent & with your support I am well on my way to full fitness.


Patricia Howard


You can see a lot more of my short training videos on either my Video Page as well as my You Tube or Vimeo video channels.


You'll find 'How to' exercises and exercises to aid recovery from birth.


See them here:

Forward thinking female fitness - specialising in Pre-Natal and

Post-Natal fitness and offering a range of classes, workshops and resource for new and expectant mums.

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