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By claire, Jun 7 2017 09:06AM

You've worked your little butts off in the run up to your holiday as you want to feel the best version of you! You've made time for those extra workouts, eaten healthy and made 'healthy' choices when it comes to treats and going out..... then you go on holiday.....!!

Firstly I want to say 'give yourself a break!' A little treat when you're on holiday is what's it's all about, we work harder than ever before all year round, our lives are busier than ever before and when we have those we'll deserved and important breaks - a little relaxation of the rules is absolutely OK!

However! And this is a health reason not a vanity reason.... I'm going to ask you a question. When you were eating healthy and training regularly did you feel energise? We're you sleeping well at night time? The answer is more than likely YES! (Except if you have small children waking you up!) Do you sleep well when you've had a bucket load of bubbles or gin? I can answer for most people here and the answers NO! It's interrupts our sleeping patterns, we don't sleep as well, we crave sugar and rubbish the next day for a quick boost and so the circle continues until all of your health benefits from being healthy have gone out of the window! And this can happen in as little as a weeks holiday!

So what can you do? Well balance is key. If you are going self catering, you don't have to choose a croissant because you are on holiday! You can still buy your eggs, avocados, fruit and yoghurts. You don't have to buy crisps to snack on - for me their is nothing nicer than a watermelon chopped up or a fresh pineapple much more flavoursome and healthier too. The odd crisp yeah fine, but as a go to each time you want a snack? Would you at home??

As for alcohol it's about making those choices again, a spirit with a mixer has few calories but higher alcohol content than wine or bubbles. Then have a glass or jug of water nearby to make sure you stay hydrated leading to less of those horrid hangovers (which as I get older I hate!!) I still get tipsy just without the fall out afterwards.

Stay active too, if their is a pool go for a nice long swim, if their is a coastal path go for a run or walk, a gym if you fancy it go for a workout - you'll feel better for it and it won't feel so tough when you get back from your holiday.

It's not about being 'boring' it's about putting your 'healthy you' first, it's about carving out fun times and then balancing with some healthy choices. I've just got back from 4 days away, I had a drink each evening, I had pudding, but I did also do two workouts in the gym, went for two walks and played on the beach in that time. Balance! It pays in the long run.

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