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By sarahtony, Aug 1 2017 12:39PM

With summer holidays in full swing now, how are you coping? Maybe the term holidays don’t affect you yet, or maybe they do as activities also stop during these times too and 6 weeks can feel like a long stretch ahead of you, unless you have got lots of trips, activities and adventures planned in the meantime? Plus how do you fit in that ‘me’ time? Time to exercise and have a little escape every now and then? I thought I would share with you some of my tips to still exercise and have some precious ‘you’ time without impacting on your family time as well (which is super important!)

• Get up early and fit in your workout then! My alarm has been set for 5:50am (yes before 6am!!) 3 x a week at the moment so that I can sneak out and train for the half marathon without impacting on the family – but if you don’t fancy getting up that early, why not add it into your schedule that as a family you find a you tube workout video and do it together? My family Pilates routine is coming out this summer!

• Plan your meals and get the kids in the kitchen too! The only way to truly understand food and nutrition is getting involved with it. I regularly get my little one to help me prepare the food, weighing it out and measuring (doesn’t always go as smooth or as quick….) but it does give her the understanding on how food is created and it does while away the time if it is a wet day! You can always add on some healthy baking treats too!

• Do some babysitting/childcare swaps with your children’s friends – giving you maybe an hour or two to yourself, and then you can reciprocate as well – the children get to play and interact and you get some peace in return – win win!

• A good friend of mine gave me this one and it is going down a treat in our house this week – an activity schedule for the week – so on ours we have, read a book, make, bake or create something, complete 20 minutes on the maths app, add to the school collage for the summer and lastly help for 1 hour around the house – and if at the end of the week everything has a sticker in it she gets a reward – which could be an activity, a new book etc

• Plan some walks and adventures outdoors, no matter what the weather! In fact I find it is even more enjoyable when you have your rain coats on and have to jump through some puddles etc, or hit the beach in the rain, its quiet and you can still collect shells and sticks and make patterns etc. Not everything has to cost a fortune.

• Lastly – living in Bristol there are so many amazing festivals going on all of the time, it is worth looking out for them and planning them in as well – perfect family time, entertainment and enjoyable.

So you see not everything needs to go to pot just because the holidays are here, you can plan in plenty of things to do, get the whole family involved in exercise and cooking and eating well, whilst also trying to carve out some you time too!

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