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By claire, Mar 20 2017 10:02AM

Too busy for 'me time'

It's something I hear all the time “I'm too busy to train, meet, walk, talk, I can't fit it all in! My schedule is just too hectic... Is this you?” Do you find yourself too busy to invest time in for you? Do you come last on the list of priorities? Then I'm going to say it like it is..... YOU'VE GOT THE BALANCE WRONG! Let me explain why!

If you are depleted of energy, are always giving yourself to others, running around after other people and never putting anything back in your pot then this will be your undoing! You could be heading towards adrenal fatigue and with that comes a plethora of problems. What if one day you wake up and think 'I'm done - I have nothing else to give?!' The fallout from this will be far greater than putting just an hour or two aside for you each week.

I'm not saying that time has to be exercise (although 10 minutes a day can be enough and everyone has a spare 10 minutes!) but how about time you put your feet up and read that trashy magazine or get lost in a good book? Go outside and walk in the fresh air absorbing some vitamin D? The world is so much busier now than it’s ever been with everything at our fingers tips, buying items with just a swipe of your finger and it arriving that day or the next, uploading those photos so people all over the world can see, text messages, whatsapp messages, messenger, emails, tweets, Instagram etc etc etc and on and on and on.... so not only is it those around you drawing on your reserves it is also that need to keep up with the fast paced world too...

So SLOW down! Schedule an hour or two for you each week, put it in your calendar and it will happen!

I used to be terrible, I would rush from A to B, answering messages on the go, calling people back. I used to take my phone to bed replying to messages as soon as I heard them pop in my inbox (yep even in the middle of the night....) but I realised then that those I loved were not getting the best version of me. I was tired, exhausted, grumpy, short tempered and quick to react - as I was putting all my positive energy elsewhere. So I took a step back and rebalanced it all, including my training program too.

I now don't check my emails more than once a day, twice if I have a lot of projects going on. With my out of office set up it means those who message me understand this. I've reduced my hours slightly to accommodate family life more, taken on a wonderful PA who supports me and takes the heat off. I get up early twice a week to train before little one wakes up, then go running twice a week: once on the weekend but early so family life isn't interrupted. That's my time and I love it. I've started reading fiction again and go to bed early to enjoy my book and don't just read about work. I plan something lovely in for 'me' each month which might be a day with a friend, meeting my mum in London, going to the races. All of these changes haven't meant that my standards have slipped, in fact mostly I seem to get more done as I'm not so exhausted all the time.

You see you don't have to feel guilty about putting yourself first occasionally, and those who are bringing up children it shows them that we value ourselves too - a lesson in life that if they can learn early will serve them for the rest of their life!

It was from this train of thought that my retreats Pilates in Paradise were formed, a chance to reconnect with others, rebalance your life and put back in your pot once more. I get no greater pleasure than seeing how refreshed those who attend look after the 4 days, and long may they continue.

So go on do something selfishly unselfish for you today.

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