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By leah, Nov 22 2017 07:34PM

It happens to the best of them... spring and summer brings a spring to your step; you go outside, you go for walks, play in the garden, choose to have a salad for your lunch or dinner and overall feel healthy and good with the extra vitamin D our bodies absorb.... then the autumn hits, the clocks go back and for some their motivation to do anything with it!

You might just accept it and say 'well that's just me'. Or you can make changes to your daily plan to ensure you're not leaving yourself a lot of work again next spring! Now the truth is we are actually programmed to go into hibernation in the winter, but this was back before we had 24 hour supermarkets, electric lights and food and drink on tap. This was when it was feast or famine, except we've forgotten that it's not famine anymore and carry on eating a lot more throughout the winter! We also naturally reach for stodgy refined carbs to try and warm us up from the inside out too.

So how can you balance this out? The first thing I would suggest is to still plan time outside walking and enjoying the changing seasons. Our body craves and needs Vitamin D and this is a supplement I have in my diet daily during the winter months, even if you work in an office you still get lunch breaks so go out and walk!

Make homemade fresh soups. There are so many incredible root vegetables at this time of the year that combined, make fresh wonderful flavours together. You can even pop them into a thermos and have it for your lunch. Plus eating vegetables in a variety of ways is hip right now, and tasty too! If you haven't tried ROOT yet, down in Wapping Wharf in Bristol you really should, it's delicious and healthy too. We've certainly become massive vegetable lovers in our house now too.

Schedule your exercise maybe with someone else? It can be tough leaving the house when it's cold, dark and raining but you know how you'll feel afterwards. Even PTs need encouragement on some days trust me. I'm in training for a half marathon in march, I chose to do it so that it would keep me focused during the winter (stop the winter spread!) and I've set up a little running WhatsApp group so that we can go out in small groups keeping us even more motivated - it does work and you socialise at the same time which is a bonus!

By all means though, enjoy those nights in with your log fire, reading a book, watching a movie or just hanging out with loved ones. It's what makes winter special, but don't forget your health is pretty special too and your body needs to feel nourished in order for you to feel good.

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