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We've all got things we'd like to change, particularly when it comes to our bodies.


For some, it's to shed a little baby weight, recapture that tone or get that beach body ready for summer - for others it's far more challenging, like giving up the caffeine or cutting out the cakes!


If you're ready to start making changes I've got just the thing.


My 7 Day Challenges are a range of short programs designed to help you on your way - they have been put together to fit in with busy lives and so you can expect bite-sized, easy to maintain routines.

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Bristol, UK


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Forward thinking female fitness - specialising in Pre-Natal and

Post-natal fitness and offering a range of classes, workshops and resources for new and expectant mums.

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You can see a lot more of my short training videos on either my Video Page as well as my You Tube or Vimeo video channels.


You'll find 'How to' exercises and exercises to aid recovery from birth - see them here:

'Banish the Bingo Wings'

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7 Day 'Ab Challenge'

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'Lose the Mum Tum'

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7 Day 'No Caffeine Challenge'

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